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I had a dream last night in which I was involved in some sort of UUA-sponsored arts and crafts show. I had brought all of my jewelry and usual art and craft show crap, but I had also made about six exquisitely carved and decorated staffs, all about 6 feet tall. I had ridden to this show with a representative of some militant lesbian organization within the UUA. The show itself was in a sort of campground area, and in order to get there, we had to drive through a horde of protesters. They seemed to be protesting the UUA's affiliation with lesbian groups, and making the claim that the UUA was running off all of its men.

I noticed once I got to the show that almost every exhibitor was, in fact, female, which was a little weird, but hey, arts and crafts show. You get that. So I set up all of my stuff, and I'm really proud of these staffs, and I have the impression that they will sell for several hundred dollars each (perhaps six hundred? The number six kept coming up with regard to these staffs, so I'm thinking of the six of rods which is triumph. Not sure that's relevant, but there it is).

I get an invitation to do some sort of tour of the grounds from an older, greying man. I accept, and we ride around for a while. He tells me more about the lesbian conspiracy, which I am totally not buying into. When I return, all of my staffs are gone. I ask the vendors next to me, who I have asked to watch my table, if someone has bought them all, and if so, what happened to the money. They say nobody's bought them, but that they've been taken to another table that is a 'best in show' table or some similar thing. I ask where that is, because I haven't seen that, and they kind of give me the runaround.

Also, by this time, some vendors near me are beginning to pack up. The woman I rode in with comes by to tell me she's leaving because business is crappy, and she suggests that I also leave. I tell her I need to get back the rest of my stuff. I look around for the mythical best in show table, but I can't find it. I start to pack up my stuff, with the hope that once everybody around me packs and leaves, I'll be able to find my staffs. About this time, [livejournal.com profile] zerself comes by and starts to set up a new table in the space that someone else has vacated. She asks why I'm packing. I tell her that my ride is leaving, and anyway, I haven't sold anything all day. She assures me that that's going to change, so I start setting things up again. By this time I'm really confused about what's going on. I feel like people have stolen my staffs, which is uncouth. I never do get them back, either, because about here is where I wake up.
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