Nov. 22nd, 2013 03:35 pm
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I finished up my captivity eeg last night, and the tech came and took the equipment away so they can read the tape. I am left with a ring of surface burns around my forehead, and probably more on my scalp. I look like a plague victim, but I'm not contagious, honest, it's just that me and electricity have a very intense relationship. Fortunately, of all my vanity, little of it is reserved for my face. So that works out. And it will heal eventually, as long as I can keep from picking at it, which so far has been a moderately successful venture.

I don't think I had any seizures while they were watching, but I did have some dizzy spells, so we will see if that is worth anything from a diagnostic perspective. Otherwise, it will be like when you take your car into the mechanic because it's making a noise, and the shop keeps it for three days but can't get it to make the noise, so it's a lot of trouble and not a lot of use. But who knows? Maybe I have interesting neurological events in my sleep.

While awake, I mostly ended up watching television during the study, which is fine, because exposure to flashing lights and colors is one of the things they want to look at. I am now caught up on Sherlock, for example. And 98% of Henry IV part 1, except that my DVD player choked and died immediately after Hal killed Hotspur. I don't think that much happens thereafter except for reconciliations and wrap=ups, but still. Annoying. The DVD player on the laptop either is completely useless or is not very good and reading home-burned discs. I'm going to have to watch the end of the play on the real television, I guess. Which is fine. It's in a different room from the one I've been seeing too much of this week.

As far as useful things go, I did not have much hope of accomplishing any, once I grasped that I was only allowed to be in the living room for the bulk of the time. I did start a batch of cocoa brandy for the holidays, got the Longest Night Ball tickets page up and running, and worked on my gleeman's cloak a bit (that being the go-to project for pretty much any time I have with nothing pressing to do). But that was about it. Didn't even get to make my pie, after all that. I guess I will do that tomorrow. Something to look forward to. :)
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