Dec. 21st, 2012

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Welcome to my little chunk of the web. This journal has become mostly friends-only; apparently I'm getting reclusive in my advanced age. If you are interested in seeing more content, add me, and I'll generally add you back.

I also maintain a couple of filters. If you feel brave and daring and bold and would like to be included on those, please comment here and I will add you to the things you want to read.
Currently, I have these things filtered:

  • KC Local - events in and around Kansas City, usually that I am exhorting people to attend.
  • Discordianism - weird occurrences, surrealist activism, generalized Erisian activities.
  • Fiction - lies, damned lies, and story-telling. These are the stories I write when I am awake, as opposed to the stories I write when I am asleep, which are on a different filter, and usually make less sense.
  • Woo-woo - Spiritual and magical discussion and recording.
  • Balderdash! - I run a game of Balderdash, modified for LJ, and for the really smart people on my friendslist. Seriously, have you ever tried to play regular Balderdash with really smart people? It's useless, they know all the words.
  • Subconscious theater - dreams and other things that come to me while sleeping.

Thanks for dropping by!


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