Mar. 14th, 2011

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Corsetry. I popped open the pattern for the corset I'm allegedly going to make, and feel like I'm hitting a snag already. The corset front is about 12 3/4" long. My *underbust* corset is about 11 3/4" long. I'm not at all clear how that extra inch is going to cover my nipples. I'm guessing it isn't. So, mockup it is. Can you lengthen a corset pattern? I don't know. If you did, how much more length can you get out of it without using longer boning? This is a critically important question in my world right now, since I've already bought all the bones I was supposed to need. *sigh* Maybe I could make the corset as it is, and then add a little ruffle to the top. Or wear pasties. Actually, pasties are probably a good idea anyway.

Also, spiral steel boning - how can those things possibly be sturdy enough to make serious corsetry happen? Spiral bones aren't that much more stable than cable ties. Granted, I'm not looking for huge reduction, the character I'm doing is described variously as "plump" and "fleshy", but still, I'd like to be a tad less lumpy going into the experience. *more sigh*

Super-discouraged/intimidated, and I haven't even cut the pattern pieces yet.


featherynscale: Schmendrick the magician from The Last Unicorn (Default)

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